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New York Workshop – June 2012 : Art and the Heart

New York Workshop – June 2012


New York was the second Art and the heart andventure!! Chilly Dawg, Pretzle, cawefy >insert siren sounds here<
We rented an amazing studio space up on the 20th floor of a midtown commercial tower… We justified to ourselves in many way’s but mostly we got it because it had an amazing view of the city (with the Empire stage building nicely positioned outside the widow).


Welcoming drinks were in the studio space itself and we dribbled out onto the 20th floor balcony to enjoy the view while we all became acquainted.


It was pretty exciting for everyone especially because all but 3 of the attendee’s were travelling here from all around the US and as far away as New Zealand AND Australia.


The following 3 days were fantastic as we invited 2 special guest speakers to pop in and have a chat on the Tuesday and Wednesday evening.


Special guest number one was one of our favorite New Yorker’s Spencer Lum. Spencer is the creator of Ground Glass blog and also the principal shooter and owner of Brooklyn bases wedding studio “5 West Studios”. Head over to Ground Glass and get lost, Spencer truly is an amazing writer (and photographer) with so much to share.


Special Guest number two was Danny Goldfiled. Danny is a photographer based out of Brooklyn and has been working on a remarkable photographic project for the last 5 years and is still going strong. The brief is to photograph one child from every country on earth, the only condition is that they need to be living in New York City. Head over to his website to read more about his amazing journey.


We wrapped the workshop up with a group outing down into Chealea to attend the gallery opening of our fellow Aussie friend Kelly Tunney… The show was fab, it was a definite New York moment.


The bonds that were made in NY (as in melb) were strong and as a result all of our facebook friend numbers went up a little (best day ever)


We loved the New York experience so much, so watch out we will be back again soon.




Danny Goldfield -


Spencer Lum -   +


3 Responses to “New York Workshop – June 2012”
  1. Phil says:

    Dawwwwww, I mish urry-one. ps, I look homeless in most of these.

  2. WHUT?! Best week of my summer! Such a great crew…such great teachers!

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