What's Covered



The workshop is taught by Dan O'Day and Samm Blake. Over the three days we will be covering the following items :


Putting your best content forward

Overall presentation of your work, from your website and blog to what you showcase on social media


Finding YOU in your brand and what you offer

Learning to clients on the same page (that can afford your rates)


Looking at your work more objectively

Mistakes that we so easily make when we become too emotionally attached to our own work


Identifying the weaknesses in our work

We will be discussing common problem areas – from lens selection, bad lighting and selecting the right images to keep in the final product


Finding a strong and consistent editing look to complete your photographs

We both strongly believe that regardless of editing, if your work is good, your work is good – however, if there can be a unique succinct “layer” applied throughout your product, it will always present its self with more strength.


Understanding how other people are perceiving your work

Is your portfolio attracting the clients that you want to work with? Is it representing the best of you and what it is your offer, not just in the photos you take but the personality behind them – is it obvious?


Building a strong price list

Both Dan and Samm will run your thought their pricing strategies and what steps they have taking to get the prices charge.

The will also be helping attendees with their own pricing strategies and suggesting improvements where necessary (relative to your market)


Managing client meetings and client expectations

We will go through live client meeting and show you how we conduct ourselves in the initial stage of a meetup.



Every step from booking a client to order fulfillment


Displaying and sharing your images

Album design, image presentation and curating.


Marketing yourself

Getting your work published and noticed, not by yourself but by others in the industry.


Legal stuff

Contracts, model releases, copyright, image licensing


Creating a step by step plan to strengthen your portfolio, blog & website

Strategies to take home and implement in the future


Creating accountability


To get your action plan for improvement rolling
Open Forum Questioning

(Anything goes)


This photography workshop is a business intensive. It's for photographers that want to experience longevity is the industry. 

Its focus is on the practicalities of running a successful full-time wedding photography business. You chose this workshop because you're thirsty for information and desperately looking for something more. We're here to give you that. We are here to help you find your way as a photographer and give you the tools to create a business designed to help you with longevity in your business and ultimately give you lasting fulfillment and freedom in your personal life.

In this intensive, we will cover the topics that we think are the most important in taking the steps to owning the right business and creating the right work for you. 

It doesn't matter if you are an amateur photographer, just at the very start of your photography career or a professional photographer who has been in the game for a while wanting to refine your focus and overhaul your business - all skill levels are welcome to this three day event. 


How much does it cost to attend?

The ticket price is $1900 USD per person for the three-day workshop (you will make it back in one wedding we help you book, promise). This includes your seat at the workshop, lunch, drinks, snacks and a bag of goodies for you to enjoy alongside the journey. The workshop is capped at 20 attendees. 


Whats the times for each day?

The workshop goes from 10 am – 6 pm every day. Even though the formal teaching ends at 6 pm, you have the option to join us for dinner & drinks after each evening. You are responsible for making your way to and from the event each day.


What to bring? 

Your laptop (not essential, but preferred), hard drives containing complete weddings, your pricing information and anything else you show to clients.



A 50% retainer is due immediately in order to reserve your seat – the remainder 50% is due 4 weeks prior to the first day of the workshop. A final invoice will be sent out to you at this time.

If you purchase a seat and find you are in a position you are no longer able to attend, there are no refunds but you are welcome to sell your seat to another keen attendee.



Please reach out to Samm and Dan to answer any further questions.